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HOT - Free Web Traffic Program!   IBO Toolbox: There's nothing like this program. 100% free to join, earn targeted traffic "hands off", post your home business, home opportunity, affiliates links or your web sites and blog links. Drive traffic to your sites and links while you sleep - click to view a sample profile page. Post on the blog, upload video's, free press releases, comment on other posts and much more. Did we mention it's free. There's a reason this program is listed at the top... it works! Nice interface, easy to use and perfect if you want to generate quality traffic to your site within minutes. Increase your visitors and your profit at the same time! See for yourself and get it all right now!

Update: Visit the new IBO Exchange and grab YOUR share of 100% FREE social media traffic... More traffic, more visitors, more leads and more sales. It's an already proven social media and traffic exchange platform.


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The Free Traffic Generating Program Big List:

     NEW - Free Web Visitors Program  AdVert: Classified ads, custom ad box (see bottom of this page), your site on thousands of web sites fast.
     NEW - Free Web Traffic Software  Web Biz Insider: Earn free traffic for surfing, reading email, earn for referrals, earn 10% of traffic for 6 levels.
     NEW - Free Web Traffic Software  Adland Pro: (Favorite) 500 visitors for joining, your classifieds go out to thousands. View sample ads here!
     HOT - Free Web Traffic Program!  Splash Page Surfer:  Surf splash pages or web sites, one of the "fastest" traffic surfing programs out there.
     Top Surfer: Surf for hits with a great exchange rate, and a kicking interface!  You must see this one!
     Project Wonderful: Place your display or text ads on thousands of web sites and blogs in an instant.
     Thumb Vu:  Now you can surf "Thumbnails" instead of whole sites, connect with members, great free traffic!
     Hit Pulse: Surf for hits and earn 2.5 hits for everyone of your hits!! Great traffic marketing tools and more!
RefBan Free Banner Advertising
     Traffic Pods: HOT! Receive 250 hits just for joining. Surf for credits fast and easy. Unique surf concept!
     Tezak Traffic Power:  Some of the best traffic tools available anywhere, surf, banners, text, referrals, more!
     Easy Hits 4 You: High quality effective and free traffic program. Start pages, assign credits, links, referrals.
     Farm Traffic: Give away free bonuses to attract referrals, free traffic from surf, banners, text & much more.
     I Love Hits: One of the best we've ever joined for free web traffic! Surf, promote, referral down line, more!
     Hit Safari: Surf for credits, build a referral down line team and earn from their surfing - free traffic, hands off!
     Ads and Cash:  Earn traffic "and" earn cash too. Great traffic building and  marketing materials, easy, fast & fun.
     Clix Sense:  Some of the best traffic tools available anywhere, surf ads, banners, text, referrals, more!
  Get the Dirt on all the People YOU Know - 100% Free!
     Traffic Syndicate 25: Great surfing program, surfing prize doublers, win traffic, transfer traffic & more.
     Traffic Era:  Promote your website to thousands of people worldwide, a new social media type of traffic program.
     Traffic Splash: Surfing and surf reward program. Splash pages, rotators, referral rewards, down line builder.
     Dragon Surf: Regular surf and super surf, text links, banners, referral system, affiliate toolbox, splash pages.
     Traffic Swarm: Grab a swarm of traffic. Innovative surf program to earn traffic fast. Referral system & more!
     Free Viral: An impressive "tiered" traffic referral program. Visitors MUST view your link before joining.
     Traffic Python:  Join free, then earn massive traffic plus money too. Your site link on other sites fast.
     216 Hits:  Bring up the page in your browser and let it go! Earn FREE HITS automatically while you sleep!
     Auto Surf Pro: Set it and forget it! Free hits when you join, monthly contest, free search engine & more!
     Exit Traffic: Perfect program for generating immediate traffic. Pop unders, surf for traffic PLUS 3 tiered too!
     Traffic-G: More then your average free traffic program. Earn a 1 to 1 ratio plus much more. Simple to do!
     Webcentre Surf:  Earn surf credits plus earn from your referral member's surfing. Rotator, banners & more.
     Traffic at the Races:  Play the horse races for free , your winning position determines how many hits you get.
     Click Crazey:  Surf, trade, transfer credits and earn hits and traffic from other activities, many options available.
     Deep Sea Hits:  A 2:1 surfing ration, surfing games, free surf bar and more. Promote up to 10 of your web sites.
     Free Traffic Bar:  Your site link on thousands of surfing/search bars fast and easy - Fast, fun and easy traffic.
     Major League Hits:  An interesting surf for traffic program, many bonuses and other goodies also for 100% free.
    #1 - HOT - Free Website Traffic Sites. Advertise your web site and get targeted traffic, large selection of ad formats!
    #2 - Submit your classified ads for FREE at Ad Land and change your ad when you want.
    #3 - Tap into Free Self Generating Traffic. Learn from a couple Pro's how they do it - free!
    #4 - Join Free then Get YOUR Site Seen. Banners, text ads and web or blog links - nice!
    #5 - Place Free Classified Ads in literally hundreds of categories and get your ad seen fast.
    #6 - Get your text ad out in front of millions on the Internet through Project Wonderful.
    #7 - An unbelievable .01 per targeted visitor from Clix Sense. Quality traffic at a great price!
    #8 - Millions of subscribers at Ezine Ads. Not free, but inexpensive and very responsive.
Free Traffic Methods and Advice: Once in a while we come across a really great web site where you do NOT spend any money in order to gain some very valuable free traffic information and insight. We've been following Affiliate Marketing Guru's David and Margie for years now and we highly recommend you visit the Affiliate Free Traffic area of their affiliate marketing web site to learn about many other ways to generate free traffic to your web site or your blog - wishing you much (much) free web traffic - have fun!


  P.S. Regardless if you join any of the free traffic programs above, or if you're already involved with other free traffic programs or advertising companies... I highly recommend (and you owe it to yourself) to checkout Adland Pro. They have the inside scoop on how to be successful with advertising through their forum, articles and member editorials. Don't throw away your hard earned advertising dollars - Check them out today to find out the real deal.


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More sites to be added soon:  There are hundreds of free web traffic programs out there, we've tried just as many. Only "premium programs" that are tested and already proven by us are added to our growing list of free traffic programs. Check back later for more of the hottest free traffic sites out there - thanks.


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